Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Get3DSmart Partners With EquityNet to Solve 3D Printing’s “Chicken & Egg” Dilemma

No business can survive without capital. Finding it is another matter.

We’ve written a lot about the chicken and egg dilemma of revenue vs. resources. You know the deal…

 You can’t create revenue without resources, and you can’t get resources until you generate revenue.

Investment Capital

Roughly $25 billion in early stage venture capital was invested in the U.S. last year. Nearly half of that originated out of Silicon Valley. It’s another chicken and egg scenario. The closer you get, the more competitive it gets. The farther away you go, the smaller the pie. Little fish in an ocean, or big fish in a puddle? Your choice.


3D printing is a hardware business. Getting hardware to market is a slow and expensive proposition. Even if you can get your products manufactured and shipped, you’ll need to float the inventory and receivables.

3D Printing Is Underserved

Sure, some big deals have been done in 3D printing. Companies like Carbon and Desktop Metal got big resources right out of the blocks. But for every Silicon Valley darling, there are thousands of startups that are just trying to get out of the gates. Small teams with big goals. They need resources too.

Get3DSmart Partners With EquityNet

At Get3DSmart we’re committed to helping companies capitalize on big opportunities in 3D printing. But no matter how big an organization, the chicken and egg dilemma is ever present.

We’re determined to help solve it.

That’s why Get3DSmart has partnered with EquityNet to help companies get the capital they need to grow their 3D printing businesses.

Whether you need a loan or an equity investment, EquityNet has access to it all. EquityNet’s lending partners provide a wide variety of loan options with a billion to business commitment. The accredited investors in the EquityNet community review all types of opportunities, providing funding and insights.

Solve your chicken and egg dilemma today!

Learn more about EquityNet and find out which program is right for you.

John is a noted thought leader on 3D printing. His articles have been published on TechCrunch, Futurism,,, TechFaster and Inside3DP, among others. John has been profiled in many leading business publications including Forbes and Entrepreneur and has spoken at many industry events, including the Digital Summit, RAPID and the Inside 3D Printing Conference, among others.

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