Thursday, June 4, 2020
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eCommerce Marketing

Over the years, we've written many articles about 3D printing workflow. We've discussed the importance of automation and the impact it can have on transaction cost.


To effectively automate, 3D printing service bureaus and machine shops must successfully utilize eCommerce. First, it reduces labor costs associated with quoting, order entry and customer relationship management, allowing shops to operate more efficiently and profitably.


But perhaps more importantly, it improves customer satisfaction. B2B buyers already use eCommerce for nearly every other type of purchase, and they want a similar experience from providers of digital manufacturing services.


While most in the industry understand the value of eCommerce, execution can be another matter. It's not just a software problem. Companies who operate online must market and sell their services.


To combat this problem and help companies more successfully manage their online businesses, we've partnered with DigiFabster to create a new article series on how to use effective marketing to grow eCommerce.


You'll find all the articles below. Please give them a read and CONTACT US with any questions


- John Hauer | CEO | Get3DSmart


Why 3D Printing Service Bureaus Must Automate

With all the business interest in additive manufacturing, the demand for service bureau work is increasing. To fully capitalize on their opportunity, those who provide 3D printing services will need to automate their workflow — especially with front end activities like quoting, order entry, and customer service.


The Goods, Bads and Uglies of Automation

Automation is prevalent in both the virtual and physical worlds. Innovative companies take the lead, putting pressure on their rivals. To remain competitive, even slow movers must eventually adopt. But, automation also impacts people and their role changes dramatically in a highly efficient organization.


Targeting the Right Customers for eCommerce Success

One of the cardinal rules in marketing is to “know thy customer.” Having a fundamental understanding of who might use your services is key. In 3D printing some of the top markets include automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer products. But there are plenty more.


If You Want to Sell Online, You Need Content That Delivers

Once you have the “who” figured out, the next logical step is to determine the “what.” What is your message? What can you say that encourages people to visit your website, knowing the goal once you get them there is to convert them into customers?


The Power of Email

There are many different tactics you can use to deliver your message. Depending on your audience, everything from direct mail and magazine ads, to digital tools like search and social media are worthy of consideration. But, if there is one common denominator in nearly every successful marketing execution strategy, it’s email.


How Organic and Paid Search Fuel eCommerce Growth

If you want to drive significant traffic, you’ve got to be on page one! In this articles, we take a look at how marketers are attracting new visitors and growing traffic from search engines. To take full advantage, the first thing you must do is optimize your website to be as appealing as possible to to Google.


Social Media’s Role in Building an eCommerce Business

When marketing a business it makes sense to hang out where your prospective customers already are. In the U.S.  the average person spends about 2 hours per day on social sites and apps. If you’re not trying to reach your audience via social media, you’re missing a big opportunity.