Sunday, April 5, 2020
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Get3DSmart helps companies identify and capitalize on BIG opportunities in 3D printing.



A fundamental understanding of target markets is an important foundation for many business decisions. Get3DSmart provides deep and wide market insight that allow decision makers to properly assess market opportunities and empowers them to develop winning strategies. We synthesize information from syndicated reports, secondary data, research studies, social media, industry experts, internal data and other sources to provide a comprehensive view of the market. We go beyond size and scope, identifying key decision makers and providing real insight on “killer applications” for 3D printing.




Get3DSmart uses a proprietary strategic planning system based on best-in-class methodologies. We operate at the corporate and business unit level, providing studies, facilitation and development to improve planning effectiveness and deployment of strategic programs. At the corporate level,  we help senior executives organize decide in which markets to compete, allocate resources and coordinate activities. At the business unit level, we help leaders develop strategies focused on growth, competitiveness, and operational effectiveness.




We design and activate strategies that help our customers solve their most pressing business challenges. Internally, we help clients communicate the plan. Often this involves employee and executive coaching and training. Externally, we help clients frame the conversation with potential customers, the media and the industry at large. Through our extensive relationship network, we help our clients communicate quickly, powerfully and effectively in even the most complex engagements.



At Get3DSmart, we go way beyond planning. We get in the trenches, helping our customers with tactical issues, including:



We serve as a business development resource. We can operate directly or assist with channel management. In either case, we develop business with assigned, targeted accounts. We also assist with sales process, helping clients with deal flow and compensation plans, among others. Further we assist with salesforce automation, helping clients identify and implement sales and marketing software that enables them to track leads, prospects, sales activities and and other key metrics. Finally, we supply training for business development teams, helping them understand and master each stage of the sales cycle, from first contact to close, and beyond.



At Get3DSmart, we’re big advocates of inbound marketing systems that use content to drive traffic, generate leads, and help salespeople close more deals. On the front end, we assist clients by helping set up their systems. Once those are in place, we provide fresh, original content and deliver it through multiple channels including the web, email, social media and PR. Our content includes short and long form articles, white papers, case studies, surveys, interviews, video, podcasts and more.





At Get3DSmart, our goals are to deliver the results every 3D printing user needs: exceptional quality, faster access and continuous cost savings. While new technology brings far-reaching opportunities, equipment alone won’t bring sustainable gains. To realize the benefits of digital manufacturing, companies must also look at workflow solutions that optimize space, align work processes and boost performance. We help our customers optimize all aspects, including people, process and technology.




We build truly important strategic partnerships among organizations, government and businesses in the U.S. and internationally. With a specific focus on 3D printing, these partnerships foster new sources of revenue, new visibility and expanded relationships. The extraordinary team at Get3DSmart offers a combined wealth of technical expertise, talent and ingenuity. Our unique skills enable us to develop partnerships that are consistently current, relevant and have lasting impact.





Get3DSmart helps clients to develop strategic and complex technology solutions. We work closely with the client’s project team to ensure the customer’s successful integration and deployment of various software and hardware solutions. We offer a deep knowledge of software architecture and various integration products, tools, and services. We work closely with the customer and their clients and business partners to define a plan and complete each integration.